Decentralized Ecosystem designed to benefit the community

1DAAP is a Single Stop for Multiple Utility Platforms


Why 1DAAP?


1 Daap is a multi-purpose app is one that has everything the user needs to access era swap Ecosystem. Users can access multiple Products and services through 1 DAAP.

Single Sign-on

The users can login 1DAAP with Decentralized wallet by Era Swap life and access to multiple Products and services with just one click. The usage is simple and easy as possible for use.


Eraswap life Wallet is a decentralized wallet for the community to offer smooth and hassle free services with 1DAAP once logged in. Private Keys stored only with the users to ensure maximum security by keeping your private keys offine. The wallet manages cryptographic keys and the blockchain address


Era Swap Foundation OU

Era Swap Life 1DAAP is a single sign on gateway platforms of Era Swap ecosystem

Era Swap Life 1DAAP which incorporates multiple interlinked platforms of Era Swap Ecosystem such as Global P2P marketplace, Social Community, Merchant & Shopper retail, e learning platform, Wallet & many more. In this App, community members can utilize Era Swap (ES) utility asset to exchange Services & products in a decentralized Peer to Peer mode.


Ownership of Data

Community of 1DAAP gets the complete Ownership and Control of their Data, with the encrypted security powered on Blockchain. Unlike any commercial organizations, it doesn’t store or sell your data


With Blockchain Technology, 1DAAP enables a new era of end-to-end transparency in the network, globally. Share Information rapidly peer to peer with confidence across a strong trusted network

Incentivize Users

1DAAP uses Smart Contract driven rewards to incentivize users in many ways through unique and decentralized platforms such as; Swappers Wall, Day Swappers, and TimeAlly

Fewer Middlemen

Connect directly with your Service Provider or Customers, since 1DAAP uses Blockchain & Smart Contracts to eliminate Centralization & Third-Party Middlemen. Hence, no central authority taking cuts from your profits

Elimination of the Central Point of Control

1DAAP is powered on Blockchain; it provides a trusted platform where data is encrypted using Smart Contracts. So intermediaries are eliminated from the equation and Giant Corporations will no longer be in control of Users Data

Leap Towards Future

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt existing models. 1DAAP is initiated with an objective to drive operational efficiency. With proper implementation of blockchain, 1DAAP has a Wider & Positive Implications

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